Depth Micro Checker

This Depth Micro checker is designed for efficient calibration and zero setting of Depth Micrometers

gauge set

Upto 300mm

Gauges - Material

Carbide | Steel | Ceramic


Gauges - unit

Metric & Imperial


Product Information

  • Comprises of permanently wrung Gauge Blocks in a protective casting.
  • Gauge blocks are made of selected Alloy Steel and Tungsten Carbide.
  • Gauge blocks are built-in the rigid frame to provide measuring in 25mm step in accordance with the travel range of micrometer head.
  • An anvil of 25mm is supplied to provide a reference point for calibration at desired step within the measuring  range of the Checker.


Range Measuring Steps Accuracy
150 0,25,…150 step 25 0.003 5kg
300 0,25,…300 step 25 0.005 12kg

* All figures in mm