Gauge Block Comparator

Gauge Block Comparators are specifically designed for the measurement of Gauge Blocks by comparison, with no compromises made.

gauge set

0.5 to 180mm

Gauges - Material


For Carbide | Steel | Ceramic Gauge Blocks


Gauges - unit

Metric & Imperial

For all Grades of Gauge Blocks



Product Information

  • Provides quick and reliable calibration of Gauge Blocks.
  • Eminent for calibration of all grades of Gauge Blocks by comparison method.
  • Specially developed user friendly software provides quick results for center deviation, parallelism and selection of grade.
  • Two LVDT probes connecting both the faces of Gauge Blocks allow differential measurement that gives most accurate results.


Model No. GBC-200
Measuring Range 0.5 – 180mm
Resolution 0.01µm
Work Table 60 X 60 mm (Carbide Line Contact)
Measuring Inconsistency 0.01 µm
Weight 45kg



Optional Accessory – Gauge Block set for calibration of Gauge Block Comparator.
Type: M-11, Grade: K